“Slow & Low Coastal Outfitters is an extremely dedicated guide service built around our guests, their goals, and anchored by true hospitality……..”  -Captain Patrick Tarpey                                                                                                                                                                                             

Our business is based on a desire to share our world class fishery and create life long friendships in the process. We wake up early to catch the sun as it crests the pines and stay up late preping gear in anticipation of that next memorable encounter. It doesn’t get any better than our surrounding fisheries here in the Gulf Of Mexico and we have some specialized ways to put you right in the middle of an unparalleled diversity of species.

We are known locally to be the friendliest and most patient charter service and enjoy spending quality time with quality people no matter your skill level. So, whether we’re sticking monster Louisiana Redfish during winter, targeting sailfish from a kayak here in our backyard in the fall, or getting face to face with migratory tarpon throughout the summer, we will look forward to spending a day on the water with you!


Contact us anytime so we can customize your experience!